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Area Lighting


    Area lighting is used to illuminate specific or large spaces.They are useful in several places for different reasons. A simple example of area lights is parking lot lights.The benefit of area light is that they can be used by both residential and commercial buildings for security, safety, and beauty.Mainly Asymmetrical lights are used for this application. Light fixtures with an asymmetric light beam have integrated advanced optics that allow to direct the light beam to a selected area. selected area.Hence light emission is not wasted on areas where it is not needed. This means that with asymmetric fixtures it is possible to achieve the same visibility of traditional fixtures with significantly lower energy costs.


  • Apron Lighting
  • Parking Area Lighting
  • Hangers
  • Ports
  • Site Lighting
  • High mast Lighting


    Specially designed high powered flood lights for multiple and multipurpose sports facilities and arenas. Maximum design flexibility to fit different sports fileds.Robust deisgn to handle extreme weather conditions. With their low weight and IP66 rating helps maximise lifetime and minimise maintenance costs for both newly built and retrofitted installations. These lights are commonly used to illuminate large areas for sporting events or other large outdoor events and activities.Typically mounted on poles of different heights depending on the type of sports field and classification.Both symmetric and asymmetric optics are used for this application.


  • Soccer fileds
  • Tennis courts
  • Racing tracks
  • Cricket Filed
  • Rugby
  • Polo filed
  • Mulipurpose sports fileds
  • Golf course Lighting


  • Modular Design
  • Can be mounted on existing columns & mast.
  • Different options for different sports arena
  • Low Maintenance cost
  • High colour rendering index
  • Good horizonal and vertical illuminance
  • Cooling fins are optimised with a high surface area to quickly draw heat away from LED
  • Wide range of symmetric and assymmetric optics ensuring low glare
  • Best ligting uniformity
  • Excellent thermal management system
  • Low weight
  • Vertical angle adjutment,easy way to adjust the light angle and create diversity of lighting environment.
  • Inteligent contol
  • Built-in surge protection devices

General Specifications

  • Aluminium alloy housing,tempered glass with powder coated finish
  • System Efficacy: 130lm/w-160lm/W
  • AC 100-240V , 277-480V'
  • Power Factor:>0.9
  • 50/60 Hz
  • THD<15%
  • Hot Restart
  • Bracket mounting/pole mounting
  • Ingress Protection: IP65 and IP66