Highbay Light


    High Bay LED lights are the perfect arrangement where roof tallness is more than 25 feet. Outlined and built for high mounted applications, for example, modern and assembling offices like Food Procession, Sport Areas, Parking Lots, Factories, School and Hospitals supplanting your current HPS (High Pressure Sodium) or MH (Metal Halide) apparatuses like Round high-cove lights, direct high-sounds, structural high-narrows and matrix mount high-inlets. High Bays Led Light Up to 600W with 96000lm Flux and IP65 give astounding brightening execution and vitality productive choices won't just spare in vitality costs yet will wipe out critical working and support costs.


  • Type: Tiltable/Fixed
  • Input Voltage: AC220-240V
  • Color of Reflector : Black/Gold/Highly Specular Aluminum
  • Dimmable Type: TRIAC/1-10V/DALI


  • School, university, hospitals, hotels
  • Conference, meeting room, show room, showcase
  • Commercial complexes
  • Factory, plant, warehouse, office
  • Supermarket, department store