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Indoor Lights

Indoor Recessed lights come as spotlights and downlights that are the most used lighting luminaire for indoor illumination. These lights are equipped with different lens systems based on application to provide uniform light distribution from a neat and concealed source in a ceiling. Additional lens filters and cones can be added to reduce glare and also adjust the beam angles for different light effects. Dimming can be achieved thru standard dimming controls. The lights have functional and minimalistic design and are easy to install. High luminous efficacy ensures up to 90% energy savings compared to traditional incandescent and halogen lamps

Track Lights

    Track light is a surface mounted channel that holds the lighting units (or 'heads') in place and brings power to them. Because track lighting is very directional, track systems perform best as accent lights or task lights. It brings out the object illuminated object. Features that enable this are Deep reflector and black antiglare ring for minimized glare (UGR <16), easily replaceable reflector, ecg controlled low flicker lights, anti-glare with multiple filters. The best thing about a track system is its flexibility. The track layout can be expanded or reconfigured, point in different directions, and so on. To avoid glare and shadows track lights should shine at a near wall or directly down on a work surface. Here is where we do the lux calculations whereby we we provide entire track lighting systems keeping in mind the application.

Surface Lights

    The LED Surface luminaires are a suitable replacement for traditional fluorescent surface luminaires with energy savings up to 85% compared to the conventional lighting technology. They are splashwater-proof (IP44) and have a shock resistance of IK03.The LED wall and ceiling luminaires are characterized by a very homogenous light distribution and an aluminum housing and a high-quality PMMA diffuser. The LED Surface is available in a version with motion and daylight microwave sensor and a LEDs cover protection for safe installation. They come with a 3 year guarantee.Because of its availability in various forms, it is used for many residential purposes and often installed in hallways, bathrooms, foyers, game rooms, and walk-in closets. It works well in museums and exhibition halls to illuminate artwork and architectural detailing. Surface mount also works as an ideal option for locker rooms and recreational facilities. By adopting the plastic white plastic lampshade and qualified LEDs, it lights uniformly without flickering, and protects your eyes from harsh and glaring lights. No IR or UV radiation. This LED ceiling light offers you brilliant light with 950 lumens, 80+ CRI and a high luminous efficiency. These are also greatly suitable to your kitchen, laundry, garage, basement, walk-in closet, pantry and many places where you needs a bright ceiling light.

Cove Lighting

    An LED strip light is a flexible circuit board that has small LEDs on the entire length of tape. LED strip can be installed almost anywhere you want to add effective lighting for functional and aesthetic purpose. An LED strip can be cut to length and are flexible which means it can be bent vertically up to 90 degrees. LED strips come in a a variety of color options. Dimming can be added whereby adding to the visual appeal.

Linear Lights

    Next generation of Light plane reinvented from the inside out. Linear is a super slot luminaire offering seamless illumination up to 250 feet, energy-saving performance up to 110 lm/W, a no-glare UGR rating of 10 in typical applications and multiple output options up to 1200 lm/ft all from a 4″-wide lensed form. Optics that distributes, diffuses and delivers uninterrupted illumination, linear LED Lights delivers ambient direct illumination or asymmetric direct illumination (coming soon) for wall washing. The optically engineered, roll-out/snap-in Control Roll lens eliminates lens gaps common to traditional, continuous linear runs by providing completely seamless illumination while dynamically controlling output.