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Indoor Recessed


    Indoor Recessed lights come as spotlights and downlights that are the most used lighting luminaire for indoor illumination. These lights are equipped with different lens systems based on application to provide uniform light distribution from a neat and concealed source in a ceiling. Additional lens filters and cones can be added to reduce glare and also adjust the beam angles for different light effects. Dimming can be achieved thru standard dimming controls. The lights have functional and minimalistic design and are easy to install. High luminous efficacy ensures up to 90% energy savings compared to traditional incandescent and halogen lamps


  • Type: Tiltable/Fixed
  • Input Voltage: AC220-240V
  • Dimmable Type: TRIAC/1-10V/DALI


  • Residential: Living room, bedroom, kitchen, washrooms
  • Commercial: School, university, hospital,Conference, meeting room, show room, showcase,Commercial complexes, Factory, plant, warehouse, office
  • Retail: Supermarket, department stores, shops
  • Hospitality: Hotels, apartments, restaurants, bars, café’s
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