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Inground Lights


    Ground lights are introduced, for instance, in clearing, wood or rock. Amid the day they totally mix into their environment, however at night they will astound you with the embellishment they make. Introduce LED ground lights with a delicate diffused light in your deck or utilize installations with a (flexible) complement lighting to feature a neighboring hedge. Make a fun loving way of stars utilizing scaled down ground lights or enlighten a vast tree.


  • Color Temperature: 3000K/4000K/6500K
  • IP Rating: IP67/IP68
  • Stainless Steel Grade : SS304 and SS316
  • Mounting Type: Ground/Wall and Recessed Types
  • Housing Material: Extruded aluminum body
  • Finishing : Silver Aluminum/Grey/Black Customized
  • Material : mm tempered glass Symmetric and Asymmetric Lights Distribution


  • Pathways
  • Garden
  • Garage
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