Dimmers for Lights, Sensors for Lights - Dubai, Saudi, Pakistan, Oman, Qatar

Dimmers and Sensors

Sensors for LED Lights

  • PIR Sesnors, passive Infrared (PIR) sensors work by detecting the presence of heat energy in confined spaces.
  • Microwave Sensors, microwave sensor is an electronic device that detects motion, and can be used to control luminaires.

Product Range

  • Microwave Montion Sensors
  • PIR Sensor
  • Inbuilt PIR Sesnor
  • Inbulit Micro wave sensors
  • Water proof Fitting with inbuilt Sensor - Use for energy conservation in Parking Lots and Genral Applications
  • Downlights with inbuilt Sensor - Used for energy conservation in Hall ways, Lobbies and Public Areas
  • LED Tube Lights with inbuilt sensors

Dimmer Controls

  • TRIAC Dimmers
  • 1-10V or 0-10V Dimmers
  • Dali Compatable Dimmers
  • DMX 512 Lighting Controllers (4 to 12 Channels)

Dimmers Types

  • Rotary Dimmer
  • Touch Dimmers
  • Remote (Wireless) RF LED Dimmers - with RF Modules (TX and RX)
  • wifi Smart Dimmers