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Track Lights


    Track light is a surface mounted channel that holds the lighting units (or 'heads') in place and brings power to them. Because track lighting is very directional, track systems perform best as accent lights or task lights. It brings out the object illuminated object. Features that enable this are Deep reflector and black antiglare ring for minimized glare (UGR <16), easily replaceable reflector, ecg controlled low flicker lights, anti-glare with multiple filters. The best thing about a track system is its flexibility. The track layout can be expanded or reconfigured, point in different directions, and so on. To avoid glare and shadows track lights should shine at a near wall or directly down on a work surface. Here is where we do the lux calculations whereby we we provide entire track lighting systems keeping in mind the application.


  • LED Source: Philips/CITIZEN COB
  • Input Voltage: AC220-240V
  • CCT: >3000K-6500K
  •   Surface Color: >White/Black
  • Life: >50,000 Hrs
  • Dimmable Type: TRIAC/1-10V/DALI


  • Accent lighting in retail stores
  • Spaces that require directional light- museums, hotels, restaurants.
  • Where direct replacement for luminaires using HID lamps is required.
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